‘Up To 90’ Podcast is the latest  new podcast from Headstuff, featuring two of Ireland’s most exciting new comics, Emma Doran (Republic of Telly, FM104, Vodafone Comedy Festival, Electric Picnic) and Julie Jay (BBC Radio, Vodafone Comedy Festival, Winner of Forbidden Fruit Award 2017).

AAAALogo2 (1)The show will cover anything and everything 90s: Manchester Utd merchandise, Mary Robinson, Michael Jackson, The Big Breakfast, Stephen Roche, Blur versus Oasis, Pammy and Tommy Lee’s home videos, Louise Woodward, Roddy Doyle, Monica Lewinsky and the advent of slut-shaming, Boris Yeltsin, East Coast/West Coast rap wars, MTV Select, infamous soccer kicks, Eurovision douze points showdowns and everything in between. As long as it happened during the decade of Fresh Prince and ‘going-out’ combat pants, these two gingerettes have got you covered.

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Up to 90 Podcast’ will be featuring as part of a double headliner with Dubland at Dublin Podcast Festival, Liberty Hall, October 12th, in association with Aiken Promotions and Headstuff. Tickets/information are available at: Dublin Podcast Festival or ticket master